Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Bridgman anatomy studies

Learning anatomy will always be an ongoing process for me. Without reference drawing the figure can sometimes be a struggle. Of coarse I'd much rather work from a real model but I don't have too many friends willing to pose for me so I guess I'll have to make do. My goal in doing these studies is to eventually be able to draw figures from my head with more confidence and a little less guess work as to where particular muscles are attached. These are all from Bridgman's "Life Drawing" book, I have 4 other of his books and hope to study them all eventually. For the most part I'm just trying to get the gesture and proportions correctly although its hard to resist trying to imitate his amazing line work as well.

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Anonymous said...

Good work on the Bridgman studies, I'm working out of the same book myself... Any relation to Norman Rockwell?